Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

Low Island Solar System

Low Island is an iconic dive and snorkel site located off the coast of Port Douglas. The island is located in a Marine National Park Zone and is home to a selection of rare bird and plant species as well as a research station, weather station and a lighthouse. 

Tropical Energy Solutions were commissioned to implement a series of modular improvements to restore and extend the island’s existing, but severely damaged, photovoltaic and generator power system. Project modules involved:

• Energy Auditing - to identify current and future electricity needs and energy saving opportunities.
• Generator Modification – switching the existing generator from diesel fuel to locally sourced sugarcane bio-fuel.
• Solar Power Reactivation – assessment and repair the existing 4kWp photovoltaic power system.
• Solar Power Extension – design and installation of a 5kWp extension to the existing photovoltaic power system.

The project’s aim was to reduce reliance on diesel generated power.  Following the refurbishment, diesel fuel consumption was reduced by over 80%.   The island is now completely powered by solar power, with redundancy back-up generation provided by a bio-diesel genset.

Low IslandLow Island Solar System

System Map

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