Five Steps to Connect

Five simple steps to connect your solar power project

Step 1: Understanding your needs

To learn more about solar, meet one of our friendly and helpful renewable energy specialists who will explain the opportunities and options available to you for grid connected PV Solar Systems.

In this phase we review your current electricity consumption and tariffs to understand your energy requirements.

Step 2: Applying for permissions

For grid connected systems, we will help you submit your application for system installation to your electricity provider (e.g. Ergon Energy). 

Obtaining installation approval is cost and obligation free. It provides you with the approval required to commence with your solar installation. Typically this phase can take several weeks. 

Step 3: Finalising your system design

To finalise the specifics of your system requirements, we will conduct a site survey of the roof structure, existing wiring system and switchboard. This allows us to finalise the cost of you proposed system, meaning there are no hidden costs once you commit to your system installation.  

This phase can be completed while waiting for system installation approval. 

Step 4: Deciding to go green 

Once system installation approval is received, all the system design, planning and costing is complete and its time to give us the green light that you are ready for your PV installation to go ahead. 

To initiate your PV installation, you will need to provide a deposit. At this stage we will create a project installation schedule to suit your requirements and will project manage your system installation (where required).

Step 5: Finalising your system

By now your system has been successfully installed, commissioned, and connected to the grid. 

Tropical Energy Solutions will now inform your electricity provider (e.g. Ergon Energy) that an upgrade to your electricity meter is required. We will also prepare the paperwork to help you claim your Renewable Energy Certificate entitlements (called RECs or STCs).

During this phase we will also issue you with our final invoice and will provide you with a comprehensive system folder, which includes all the relevant system design, component, warranty and maintenance information.

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