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Today, 70 percent of the world's 7 billion people live in the tropics.

The landscape ranges from vast, arid desserts to lush, wet rain-forests and high, cloud covered mountains. Tropical regions are rich in biodiversity and natural energy sources. Let us help you to take advantage of our renewable energy resources, wherever you live in this special part of the world.

Why are we different?

Most solar companies offer a range of 'off the shelf' photovoltaic (PV) solar systems which aim to generate a portion of a site's energy needs, reducing the amount of electricity that has to be purchased from a retailer.

Since 2007 we have developed a suite of Energy Efficiency strategies that includes tariff optimisation, energy auditing,renewable power feasibility studies, staff training and Certified Verification & Measurement Protocol (CVMP) services. Each element of the strategy can be completed in isolation or in conjunction with the other elements, providing flexibility and the ability to discount some that are not required for particular projects.

Investigating all aspects of energy use, local generation and price is important for maximising cost savings against capital outlay, reducing the risk of:

  • Installing a renewable power system that cannot deliver sufficient cost savings because it is too small or generation is not matched to the site's consumption profile;
  • Over sizing a renewable powersystem resulting in excessive capital costs and;
  • Paying too much for power from the grid.

Our Energy Efficiency Strategy has helped many private companies, local councils and government agencies map out a process for addressing energy costs that is easy to implement and cost effective.


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What we do Our Services

Grid Connected

Engineering, supply and installation of Grid Connected Power Systems (Solar and Wind) - including innovative new Virtual Tracking systems.

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Engineering, supply and installation of Hybrid Power Systems for Off-Grid Locations (Solar, Wind and Diesel).

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Energy Management

Are you searching for better ways to manage your energy consumption? Energy Audits, Load Profiling and Energy Management Plans for commercial operations.

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Technical Consulting

Training and Consulting services for Renewable Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency Management.

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